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Customer satisfaction is our goal

Six Lifts, 10 car bays to serve you
Overnight key-drop

We have 6 lifts and a total of 10 car bays.

We offer a key-drop so you can drop your vehicle off overnight, and call us in the morning to give us details.


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What our customers have said

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Unlike the shops that draw you in with a cheap oil change, the people at Auto Motive Associates never try to sell me anything I don’t actually need, just to make money.

Here is my latest experience with them:
First, I went to a franchise business to get an oil change and tire rotation (I had a coupon). I also asked them to check my brakes because I had been hearing a squeak when I backed out of my driveway. After my service check, the man at the counter used a set of plastic pieces to demonstrate how worn down my back rotors were and told me they had to be replaced along with the brake pads. He also told me my brake fluid was extremely dirty and needed to be flushed.

Luckily, I didn’t just gulp and do it. Instead, I called Mike at Auto Motive Assoc. who gave me an estimate that was much lower than the franchise shop. I took my car over and the repair was done that afternoon.

The result? An even lower price than Mike gave me on the phone because I did not need a brake flush or new rotors. All I needed were new pads because the brake fluid was alright and they could machine the rotors (not an option I had been given at the other place).

Thank you!!!

Auto Motive Assoc. is a high integrity auto repair shop. Next time I won’t be fooled by a competitor’s cheap coupon!

Lynn Grasberg

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Every time I take me vehicles to the dealer, I am up-charged for everything, (including them trying to sell me tires last time).

Mike, at Auto Motive Associates, has never tried to sell me on “extras” that cost me a lot of money.

The first time I took my car to him, I told him I needed brakes, because of the squeak. He called me later that day, and told me I needed to clean my car, the brakes were fine.

I am a customer for life!


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7:30 AM TO 5:00 PM (MON-FRI)

303-948-4473 11482 W. Hialeah Pl., Littleton